Some members of the ICR (specifically Jason Lisle, and probably some help) went to California under the Your Origins Matter banner recently, and YOM has provided a list of quotes. They start with stuff like this, and just get worse from there:

All science is creation science.

Science is possible precisely because God upholds the universe in a consistent way that the human mind can (at least partially) understand.

You can read the rest here – well worth it.

8 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. Jesus had excuses for being wrong on these issues given the time in which he lived. Lisle and co do not.

  2. Actually the bible accounts have Jesus quoting the Jewish Bible in the same way that we would quote any piece of literature that was universally known and culturally significant. That does not make h a YEC. In many cases he disagrees with what he quotes. A travelling Jewish mystic and exorcist named Jesus probably did exist at around the right time. But the stories about him are a mixture of real memories of events and interpretations of those events written up 100 years later in the light of what his followers believed him to be. Fundamentalist Christians read their ideas back into the texts and this find confirmation of their presuppositions where there is none, just as they do with creation science.

    • You make up your history as you go along, right? This site is loaded with prejudicial conjecture, arbitrary assertions and ridicule, but precious little in the way of actual science despite the pretense.

    • Please give us an EXAMPLE, Bob.

      While you’re at it, could you define ‘science’? Thanks, if so.

    • I am not surprised that a Christian would use a desultory attempt at wit to desecrate a great movie. You just have no respect for good stories… otherwise you wouldn’t be reading the Bible so much.

      And the answer is obviously 42. Will you shut the fuck up now?


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