The Huge Large Quasar Group

The Huge-LQGThe cosmological principle is the idea that, ‘viewed on a sufficiently large scale, the properties of the Universe are the same for all observers.’ In general, this seems to hold true – but Brian Thomas’ most recent article, Massive Quasar Cluster Refutes Core Cosmology Principle, is in reference to an apparently contradictory observation.

The homogeneity aspect of the principle places a limit on the size of structures in the universe, though exactly what value this limit has is not universally agreed upon. But according to a recent paper, A structure in the early Universe at z ∼ 1.3 that exceeds the homogeneity scale of the R-W concordance cosmology (open access), the newly-discovered “Huge Large Quasar Group” (Huge-LQG) is significantly larger than even the largest calculated value would allow. Continue reading