The Ultimate Proof of Creation

…is the title of a book by Jason Lisle, written a few years ago back when he was at Answers in Genesis. I haven’t read it myself, but a few days ago I found a blog in the process of giving it a chapter-by-chapter review. If you’re interested you can start with Ken Ham’s forward – and don’t forget to pass on the link. (And, if you want spoilers, Bjørn Østman wrote a much shorter review of the whole thing back in 2010.)

One thought on “The Ultimate Proof of Creation

  1. The review by Bjorn (I don’t know how to do fancy “o” things) is interesting. I didn’t realize that the book by Lisle was so much based on presuppositional apologetics. Unfortunately, it seems like he didn’t do a very good job utilizing it.

    I don’t think presuppositionalism works as an epistemology, but I think there is some merit to the method of argumentation. I have evaluated two prominent thinkers in that area-


    I’d be curious to read your thoughts.


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