Here You Go

For those that were interested, YOM comes in late to the Rubio/Robertson party:

[M]aking sense of dinosaurs requires accepting God’s Word as written – without attempting to “blend” it with evolutionary and old-earth storytelling.  This well-intentioned (but misguided) minister thinks that proclaiming a straightforward understanding of Genesis is likely to drive children from the Christian faith.  Young people quickly discern the intellectual inconsistency of Christians who claim to believe the Bible yet do not take seriously its first few chapters. This obvious inconsistency actually makes them more likely to question Christianity, not less!

Interestingly, they entirely omit mention of Robertson’s name, and are so late that they don’t appear to know that Rubio has recently “clarified” his position:

The theological debate is, how do you reconcile with what science has definitively established with what you may think your faith teaches. Now for me, actually, when it comes to the age of the earth, there is no conflict.

In case you were wondering, what “science has definitively established” is to Rubio what it is to most people – that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old.

Judging by the YOM article, I suppose that they will have to conclude that Satan has got him. Really:

Obviously this issue does matter.  Although the scientific data overwhelmingly favor a young age for the earth, the enemies of the gospel do have a potent weapon in their arsenal:  ridicule.  No one wants to be ridiculed, and Satan is shrewd enough to use a fear of ridicule to intimidate Christians from believing – and proclaiming – this vital doctrine.

Yep, he’s done it again.


6 thoughts on “Here You Go

  1. This is my attempted response to the YOM article:

    “Yes indeed – a ridiculous, rather hysterical, and scientifically highly misleading, article from YOM.
    But I am already being censored by YOM – so this response will almost certainly NOT appear.”

    • I have just sent the following email to the ICR. If anybody thinks I have got the wrong end of the stick, please let me know!

      “But radiometric dating of recent lava flows that span both sides of
      the Canyon demonstrated to uniformitarians that it was carved only five
      to six million years ago.”
      Liar. The rocks have been dated as much, much older. The conventional
      canyon date relates not to the age of the rocks but to when (over
      millions of years) the EROSION by the river ie the formation of the
      actual canyon occurred. It is when the LATTER event began which is
      being disputed by some scientists. No help to YECs whatsoever, and no
      ‘undermining’ of radiometric dating. This merely permits YECs to
      mention that – if you really wish to – that scientists have shown that
      the Earth is much older than the Bible implies, but sometimes the
      scientists disagree about the age of particular ancient geological


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