No Kin to Bigfoot

The relatively topical Your Origins Matter (where’s their Pat Robertson coverage?) has a post up about the Ketchum bigfoot DNA business. While creationists are generally quite fond of cryptids, maintaining a errant belief that the discovery of a dinosaur or the Loch Ness Monster would somehow disprove evolution, they take the complete opposite view on bigfoot. Accordingly, YOM dismisses the reports as being “big on hype but lean on facts,” which is true – though it’s worth remembering that Dr Ketchum’s hand has apparently been forced by a fellow researcher “spilling the beans,” and wasn’t originally planning to release the results at this point.

Most interesting about the YOM article is how they frame the issue, writing:

There seems to be an effort to lower mankind to the level of animals and to elevate animals to the level of man. Why is that so?

Yes, everything is about creationism vs evolution.

You can find some much better commentary on this story at Sharon Hill’s Doubtful News site, along with Steven Novella and Ben Radford’s pieces.


One thought on “No Kin to Bigfoot

  1. I get frustrated by how creationists divide scientists into “us” and “them” but make no further distinctions, failing to realise that there is disagreement and dispute between scientists (except when it is convenient for them to point out there is “controversy” over an issue). I once got into a conversation with a creationist who was using the aquatic ape hypothesis to ridicule evolution and was genuinely surprised that I, as an evolution believer, would criticise a belief based around evolution.

    It seems to be a result of that groupthink endemic in religion, where everyone is expected to believe the same thing the whole time. It also makes me worry that when discussing science we’re going to have to start it from basic principles, explaining what science is.


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