Turning it Off and On Again

You may well have noticed by this point that I haven’t posted in a while. You weren’t warned of this hiatus because it was entirely unplanned – I had originally expected that no-matter what I planned I would wind up posting a few times a week right through exam season. Exams are over now, all 27 hours of them, and I find myself having not posted in a good week and a half. I’m going to retroactively claim this as a good idea, as it certainly was quite helpful.

Now that I’m back I intend to do some minor housekeeping. I’ve rewritten my old about page, consigning my cringe-worthy original to history. I also fully intend to take a step back and see if there aren’t better ways of getting my point across than what at times turn into stream-of-consciousness paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttals. In other words, I’m going to try to do a bit more planning and proof-reading of my posts. The 18-month anniversary of this blog passed during the hiatus, so this is a good a time as any to start making the good writings. We shall see if it actually works or not.

However, the most important change I want to make right now is to get back to actually posting stuff. With that in mind I have another ‘publish’ button to push, right after I do a once-over of what I’ve written…


4 thoughts on “Turning it Off and On Again

  1. I certainly empathise, I have an essay due in each week from now until Christmas and my posting has certainly slowed down as a result. Best of luck in all your endevours.

    Whilst I like your stream of consciousnesses style I think it might be improved if you did an abstract or summary either at the start or end of the piece. Something in large, bold font that just goes “they claim x, it is wrong because of y. Read post for details.” Ideally these would be slightly generalised, so that they can be applied to a variant of the argument an ICR fan might say but isn’t word for word the original article.

    Perhaps you could even store these summaries in an archive akin to the talk origins “index of creationist claims” that would make it easier to find specific pieces.

    • An addendum.

      You are probably planning to enter Univ. next year. With that, you might find that you have interesting things to say that are not about the ICR. Allow yourself to broaden the range of topics that you cover.

      Just a suggestion.


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