Vote Puritan

I can’t be completely certain, but there seems to be some kind of election going on over in the US of A. Whatever is afoot, Your Origins Matter has seen fit to give their readers some voting advice:

Can you imagine what would happen if, as a result of this year’s election, the White House, the U.S. Congress, the state capitals, the city halls, the judicial chambers, the sheriffs’ offices all across America were filled with “able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness”? (Exodus 18:21).

This is not the time to dwell on the fact that all too many office holders are just the opposite, drunk with power, swollen with pride, practicing deception, driven by greed, and motivated all too often by an antagonism toward Christianity, and an increasing acceptance of evolutionary thinking. Nor is it the place to recollect the once-cherished freedoms which have been lost—particularly lost to Christians.

There’s more where that came from, although as they don’t name any specific candidates I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. Reading elsewhere I hear something about a Mormon, so perhaps he’s who they’re worried about?

Whatever the story is the YOM advice sounds like it was relayed to them via a medium from Oliver Cromwell hisself, and as we all know he was really good with parliaments. Sounds good to me.

2 thoughts on “Vote Puritan

  1. I can’t be completely certain, but there seems to be some kind of election going on over in the US of A.

    There have been rumors to that effect.

    I appreciate the suggestions from “Your Origins Matter.” However, I keep wondering what would happen if conservative Christians were to take seriously their commandment about bearing false witness.

    In any case, I cast my vote for Obama this morning.

  2. Given this morning I just stumbled across; the bit about politicians being “driven by greed” seems deliciously ironic. Assuming they’re taking an anti-Obama position of course.


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