A Bit of a Stretch

The distortion and misrepresentation of scientific research by creationists is nothing new. Even so, I feel that I rarely see a story so painfully twisted as the one in African Populations Fit Biblical History – just reading it is threatening to give me a headache. Brian Thomas has prepared a masterpiece.

The article relates to a paper (pdf) published in Cell in early August, which sequenced and compared genomes from the African Hadza, Sandawe, and Pygmy peoples. According to a physorg article:

It identifies several million previously unknown genetic mutations in humans. It finds evidence that the direct ancestors of modern humans may have interbred with members of an unknown ancestral group of hominins. It suggests that different groups evolved distinctly in order to reap nutrition from local foods and defend against infectious disease. And it identifies new candidate genes that likely play a major role in making Pygmies short in stature.

Brian opens:

What if geneticists discovered, lurking in the DNA sequences of modern humans, clues of a heritage that mirrors the historical account of the dispersion at Babel? Researchers appear to have uncovered such clues in a recent attempt “to reconstruct modern evolutionary history” of three hunter-gatherer African tribal populations.

That’s a big ask – or rather, a big twist. Continue reading