Jason Lisle: The Rest of the Story

Lisle speaks on CNNA couple of weeks ago I reported on a news segment on CNN in which both Bill Nye and Jason Lisle were interviewed in relation to Paul Broun’s “lies straight from the pit of hell” comments. Predictably enough Lisle’s own comments in his interview were mercilessly edited – these things always are, creationist or not – and he isn’t happy. In a long post on his personal blog he promises to provide “the rest of the story,” complaining about the editing along with inaccuracies in the news piece:

Recently, I was interviewed by CNN reporter Lisa Sylvester for a brief news story regarding Congressmen Paul Broun’s comments about origins. CNN aired only a tiny snippet of my comments. So it seems appropriate to give a more detailed summary here.

At the time Lisle gave a short and vague description of what else he talked about besides the short segment that made it to the finished product. Appropriate or otherwise, this unexpected post is certainly welcome. Continue reading