Scientists Agree With Us

I’m not sure it’s a quite a trend as such, but there’s something I’ve been noticing lately: an apparent attempt to deny, or at least ignore, the fact that most scientists don’t believe the nonsense that creationists peddle. For example, consider the latest Ask Dr Rhonda, on polar bears (last seen here):

Q: Where did polar bears come from? Did they start out as brown bears and then turn white, or what?

The primary answer she gives is this:

A: Some researchers infer from the biblical record that bears rapidly and recently diversified from a representative pair on board Noah’s Ark. However, it is difficult to say what color the original pair of bears on the Ark was, as we have no written record or picture.

That’s fairly standard fare from the ICR. As an aside there are only 8 extant, i.e. surviving species of bear (polar bears don’t even count as a separate one), so claims of a bear ‘kind’ aren’t quite as absurd as, say, one for all rodents. But of course the very idea of a kind is problematic and ill-founded, though that’s a topic for a different blog post.

More interesting is Forlow’s second paragraph:

Biologists agree that polar bears, brown bears, and black bears all descended from a prototype of the bear kind. Although bears are very adaptable—such as the polar bear being able to endure lower temperatures, while its cousins the brown and black bear live in less cold environments—the fact still remains that bears have always been bears.

Particularly that first sentence there. Biologists don’t “agree” that bears come from a bear kind – Forlow could not be further from reality here if she tried – and the only way that claim could possibly be true is if you defined a biologist first and foremost as somebody who believed in young Earth creationism. Which is nonsensical.

Now this is on Science Essentials, which in other words makes it the image that the ICR wants to give to homeschoolers – and not necessarily what they actually believe themselves. But what happened to the paranoia, the misguided scientists, the conspiracy against creationism?

If this is new then it’s a strange change in tack. One that’s unlikely to work, too, because if a child grows up to discover that the lies they have been told begin here then they’re probably going to get lost fairly quickly. “Lying for Jesus” is particularly hard to justify when it’s you that has been lied to.

One thought on “Scientists Agree With Us

  1. Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) , Polar bears are a separate species . . . I’ll let you find the remainder of flaws in your article.


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