Early and Often

Better hurry up with finishing the July Acts & Facts, hadn’t I? For her part this month Rhonda Forlow reminds us that even despite the fact that her Science Essentials blog isn’t worth the effort to poke apart these days, she remains perhaps the ICR’s most dangerous employee to the well-being of the general public, writing How Science Class Will Impact Your Child This Year:

It’s hard to believe, but in another month most of us will send our children back to school. Homeschoolers may be trying out new curriculum. Among the various subjects covered, science will have an impact—perhaps more so than most of the other subjects our children will study.

Why? Because science touches our children’s worldviews from their earliest days. If we do not prepare our children to learn good science—through the use of biblically based science instruction—then we run the risk of abdicating our children’s science education to an evolutionary worldview.

Oh no! What are they going to do? Never fear, the doctor is here. Continue reading