Rescuing Device

I said just last post that the “rescuing devices” that Brian Thomas apparently thinks can be simply dismissed are central when the discussion of creationism turns to the claims of creationists themselves about their “science.” Today he’s proved my point admirably, with Did Noah Bring a One-Ton Crocodile onto the Ark?

The important part of the article is summed up like so:

Some question the veracity of the historical Noah’s Ark on the grounds that certain dinosaurs would have been too large to enter it or even to fit on board. But dinosaurs would certainly have fit for the same reasons that crocodiles would have, leaving intact the feasibility of the Ark account.

The most straightforward solution assumes that the Lord brought juvenile animals to Noah.

On the other hand, suggesting that there might be an oasis on Titan causing the existence of a lake in the equatorial zones is just evolutionists trying to shore up their leaky god-denying beliefs. I smell a double-standard.

There are more pressing issues about the Ark than this in any case. It’s all very well having youngsters on the Ark if they would still be enough to sink the thing and get lost on the way home to boot. And were any dinosaurs included among the clean animals that had extra pairs on the Ark?