Of Pandas and Reification

In the world today there are only two species of Pandas: the Giant and Red Pandas. Famously the two are actually rather distantly related, in that the Giant Panda is a variety bear, while the Red is more closely related to weasels. In his article Did Panda Bears Once Live in Europe? Brian Thomas discusses – a term I use loosely – the discovery of a new Panda fossil from Spain (of the bear variety, that is).(paper/cited news article) Continue reading

Ötzi’s Blood

Replicas of Ötzi's clothesAccording to an article published on May 1 in LiveScience, ‘Iceman’ Mummy Holds World’s Oldest Blood Cells. Said “iceman” is of course the naturally mummified Ötzi, who died around 3250 BC and was frozen in the Alps on the Italian/Austrian border.

But young Earth creationists claim a much older record holder: Mary Higby Schweitzer’s T. rex red blood cells. His article for Wednesday, thus, asked Are Iceman Blood Cells Really the Oldest? Continue reading