Know What [To] Believe

I can't embed this video - it was hunting to see if I could that led me to what I found in the previous post. Click here to go directly to the mp4 file, or on the link below to go to the page.

This video, from the new Your Origins Matter blog, is way better. I don’t know why they didn’t use it for the promo instead of that chimp thing.
The video poses a number of questions, then makes a few statements. It’s set to a nice soundtrack (much better than the That’s a Fact one) and is visually appealing. Here are those questions, with a few answers:

  • Where did I come from?
    As in born? Me, I was born in the hospital down the valley.
  • How did life begin?
    A much more interesting question. My guess is that we will soon know ‘life’ for the arbitrary distinction that it is, rendering this question rather complex.
  • Why is Genesis important?
    This should give you no doubt that the ICR is not taking a neutral position of discovery, but is pressurising its world view into the ‘conversation.’
  • Is Creation relevant to may faith today?
    It should be added that the ICR is here targeting Christians, rather than people with, say, no faith at all for conversion.
  • Do I have a purpose?
    …does refuting the ICR count? And what is their idea of a ‘purpose’ anyway? Spreading nonsense?
  • Is our world an accident or art?
    A false dichotomy in the extreme – it can easily be both. Although an ‘accident’ still implies a supernatural entity to do it.
  • Disorder or design?
    Again, a false dichotomy.
  • Why does it matter?
    Mr Benton gave a good explanation the other day. Though I wonder what the creationist version is. ‘Believe in YEC or go to hell’ does not sound appealing.
  • There are answers.
    …in Genesis? Anyway, here begins the statements.
  • Cut through the clutter.
    Your Origins Matter is not in any way helping here.
  • Know what you believe.
    Or, as I said in the title, know what to believe. That seems to be what they are saying.
  • Discover your design through scripture and science.
    So, you’ll be providing evidence for us?
  • It makes a difference.
    Yes. Yes it does.

Anyway, a minute and a half of video. Enjoy!


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