Yes, your origins still matter – strange primate or no. The latest article up at the ICR, ICR Debuts YOM Conference in Dallas, discusses their now passed con, claiming success. The only external account I can find on the web of people actually going to the conference comes from a family of creationists, who seemed to like it. That being said I don’t think I missed anything in the way of convincing evidence by being 12,000 kilometres away.

Announced at the conference, however, was a new blog of the same name run by the Institute:

YOM director Lalo Gunther and his staff were on hand not only for this conference debut, but to also launch this new YOM blog, where readers will find tools to dig deeper into the study of origins and why it really matters. Visit www.youroriginsmatter.com and join the conversation.

Knowing how the ICR is with comments I doubt it will come close even to Uncommon Descent in either of the goals of ‘tools’ and ‘conversation,’ but you never know…

Also new is the retirement of Dr Larry Vardiman, one of the ICR’s researchers. The era of simulations of random Flood weather patterns appearing in Acts & Facts is over.

2 thoughts on “YOM

  1. That’s the silliest design for a blog ever. Whilst the idea of having a drop down answer to the question is kind of cool without any contents page its just a sporadic list of random things they wrote about.

    • There is a ‘conversations’ tab somewhere that helps a bit. But yeah, the design is pretty terrible. My main complaint is how long it takes to load, and given how many people have complained about being unable to watch their videos in the default HD I’m probably not the only one…


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