Recycled Copralite

The amazing disappearing DpSU from Friday, Did Dinosaurs Gas Themselves to Extinction?, has returned. The new version is identical to the old, down to a typo I spotted. Ironically my new screenshot includes an ad for the now-passed Your Origins Matter conference (while the old one does not), but I assure you I have them the right way around.

Given the lack of change I suspect the retraction and republishing was just the result of an accidental publication during the time of the month normally reserved for the display of Acts & Facts articles on the front page. They clearly weren’t, I don’t know, taking the weekend to fact-check the thing.

My post on this article was Copralitic News – I shan’t repeat myself here.

Supervolcanoes of the Flood

Pinatubo: not to be sneezed at
In his June Acts & Facts article, Volcanoes of the Past, Dr John D. Morris argues for an exponential decay of the power of volcanoes since the flood. It should come as no surprise that this requires the cherry-picking of data in order to support his claims. But first, an introduction:

During the great Flood of Noah’s day, God unleashed His great power, exercising His righteous judgment on the wicked and violent civilization that had rejected Him. He promised not only to judge sinful man, but also to judge the earth (Genesis 6:13). All of Adam’s dominion (Genesis 1:26) came under the sin penalty because of his choice to reject God’s kingship over creation. By the time of Noah’s day, rebellion had increased so much that God finally enacted His just penalty for sin (Romans 6:23). He sent the worldwide Flood to punish the wicked world, purge the entire planet, and start over with the descendants of righteous Noah.

Don’t forget: Noah’s Flood was the genocidal cleansing of almost the entire population of the planet in retribution for their (unspecified) sins.
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