Nature Discoveries

I have previously alluded to my local ‘creationist bookshop,’ Nature Discoveries. Today I paid them a visit.

Nature Discoveries storefront

They’re an interesting shop. As you can see, their motto is “Helping you explore the wonders of creation.” I must admit that it took until perhaps a year ago to realise that this actually meant they were a creationist shop.

And a young Earth creationist shop at that. You can’t see it here as its hidden by the one in front, but one of the towers on the left in the entrance contains a number of books, magazines, an DVDs. The magazine being the Journal of Creation as it happens, while the books/DVDs are in a similar vein.

But that’s really the only part of the shop that is creationist. Indeed, I looked at some books on dinosaurs and they were perfectly standard ‘these animals lived in the Triassic…’ kids stuff. I tried to take a picture of an example, but I’m a truly terrible photographer and anyway I was attracting the attention of the shopkeeper. I decided that talking to her would be more productive.

She said that the store wasn’t really a bookshop and more a nature shop (hence the name). When questioned on the, ah, ‘interesting’ choice of books that they did have she claimed that the store was not keen on “censorship,” but when pressed on the fact that they were all young Earth creationist (I’m talking real books, not the dinosaur things) she said that the chain owner was keen on them. I asked her whether she herself believed it, and while she was non-committal she said that scientists weren’t really as certain on things as they claimed and that she was a scientist herself. I didn’t ask for her to be more specific.

I decided at that point that it was probably a good idea to buy something before I left. None of their stuff was to do with the ICR, alas, so I picked up a copy of Sarfati’s Refuting Evolution. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, beyond chuckle away/get really annoyed as I read it. Refutations already exist on the Internet, as does a copy of the full text. We shall see…


13 thoughts on “Nature Discoveries

    • After some googiling I don’t think it is. At any rate I find it interesting that you meet someone in a creationist-esque store that isn’t that much of a flaming creationist. Conversely, I’ve had evolution dissected by my hairdresser of all people! I stopped disagreeing to avoid any “accidental” chopping of the ear 😛

    • Such is life in the antipodes. Our most right-wing political party with half a hope – not actually in parliament, but got close – is modelled after the British Conservative party. Their leader, Colin Craig, “insists he isn’t a church-goer”. (The whole article is quite funny, actually.)

      Personally I avoid talking to hairdressers anyway. I’ve already had my ear cut…

    • Well our conservative party seems to be confused. On the one hand they’ve banned creationist private schools getting money from the government (after Dawkins et al. campaigned for that, although they deny their influence). On the other hand they send free KJV Bibles to schools and complain to the pope about Britain being overtaken by “militant secularists.” Your guy seems to be equally confused. Not a church-goer, yet “pro family….” *sigh*

      I’ve been spoiled by my old hairdresser. He had the most interesting anecdotes from all over time and space. Just mention the Romans and he’d tell you a fascinating story about his trip to Istanbul and all the history he learnt there.

    • Woman behind the counter sounds like a typical confused Christian to me, like my church going friend who wanted to sound rational and made the mistake of saying to me “… and evolution *is* still only a theory…”

      Lots of Christians in Britain just can’t make up their minds on evolution. They’ve heard their Christian friends say it isn’t true, but they don’t really care enough about science to look into it. I think (this is guesswork) they realise that YEC is preposterous, yet they feel that believing in evolution is betraying God.

    • I’d wager most people simply haven’t thought about it for any length of time, which is why they can come off as confused and non-commital

    • I’d go with that. It’s a frustrating thing though, because if you think about it, of course it matters! I won’t explain why, because I think that would trigger a five-page rant, and I’m sure my fellow commenters are well aware of why the truth might be important.

    • Just ignoring the principle of the matter (being truthful is something you should strive for, imo) evolution is a fundamental part of biology and the subject is severely damaged without it. When Lysenko outlawed the subject in Soviet Russia (even killing a few professors who refused to renounce it) it is believed he set back Russian biology by nearly 50 years.

    • I agree. I think the strongest reason why it matters, though, is that to arrive at Creationism, you have to use defective thought processes. You cannot weigh evidence fairly and rigorously and believe in Creationism. So if you teach it, you are failing to teach children to think properly, and that has consequences in all areas of life.

  1. That bookstore looks so exciting though! It has so many fun colors glowing at you as you look at that picture. I tried to find a web site for them to investigate further but I didn’t turn up anything in a few permutations of the search.


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