As a general rule, whenever the title of a news article is a question the answer to it is ‘no’. Or, at the very least, that’s the answer they intend to give, whether or not that’s actually it. Case in point: Does Radical New Theory Explain the Existence of Everything?

Said ‘theory,’ of course, is that detailed in Erik Andrulis’ 100-page Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, which was attacked mercilessly in the blogosphere around a month or so ago. You may be aware of PZ Myers’ post The comparison to jabberwocky is inevitable; while on the other side of the fence at Evolution News and Views was Life: Explained. Oh, Now We Understand. If you actually want anything close to a refutation I suggest you go to the former source: the EN&V article is merely snarky and a little ironic, as is Mr Thomas’ for that matter.

Fusilli pasta

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