The Diamond Weevil

The ‘logic’ of the DpSU for Friday – Diamond Weevil Studded with Advanced Technology – can be summarised with a few quotes:

First, the background he gives:

The diamond weevil, which makes its home in the Brazilian tropics, has a body studded with tiny, brilliant reflectors. Each one is like a diamond, reflecting different-colored light in shiny arrays. New research has probed the microstructure of these brilliant facets and discovered that the way they work is familiar—but the way they are made is not.

The paper is available free in full here. We go on:

…the 3-dimensional arrangement of the sugar molecules is precise and orderly.

Order! It must be God!

The study authors compared the crystalline shape to other theoretically possible shapes and deduced that the weevil crystals have the best possible shape to reflect the maximum amount of light.

Not only is it orderly, but it’s the best order. And why can’t evolution do that, hmm?

Lead author Bodo Wilts told Wired Science, “We’ve got some catching up to do.….The nature-produced tiny structures are far beyond any human designs.”

So, we can’t do it. Next comes a diversion into a vaguely similar thing with butterflies, which we’ll skip. Finally, the conclusion:

In both cases, the study authors credited nature or evolution with the origin of these fine structures. But if insect technology is beyond the capability of intelligent people, then shouldn’t it rather be attributed to a source with even greater intelligence than man? Nature has no intelligence and no intelligence proxy, leaving a divine Creator as the only possible cause. And He rightly deserves the credit for these brilliant biological structures.

Spot the problems. The usual post I link to on this subject is …Or Maybe He Was Just Late, specifically the first DpSU discussed there. In there I gave an example of selection producing something that the human mind would not have, because it operated in a completely different way. All this “Nature has no intelligence” business is simply bullshit – what is the difference between a farmer and nature ‘selecting’ the colour of an animal’s coat?

Put it this way: Diamonds are optimally ordered, and you could argue that we can’t make them (certainly not big ones), but that doesn’t mean that they’re designed by an even more powerful being – it means simply that the process acts completely differently to ‘design’.

That’s the DpSUs caught up. Next up is last week’s IEE series, along with a new That’s a Fact video.

5 thoughts on “The Diamond Weevil

  1. Leslie Orgel’s second law of evolution: Evolution is smarter than you.
    It’s definitely smarter than the ICR.
    Of course it’s really a stupid algorithm, but trial and error over billions of years does some amazing things.

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  3. “The crystal-construction techniques employed by both butterflies and weevils so far exceed the current technological capacities of mankind…” No, they don’t. Yeah, sugars are hard to crystallize in that specific form, but we can do it. It’s just not as pure or as large crystals as the insects make.

    I do synthetic diamond research, and actually making large diamonds is now inexpensive enough that it’s being done commerciallly.

    There are companies that sell these as jewelry, engagement rings and all that, which are much less expensive than DeBoer’s and of just as high quality. Other companies produce large crystalline diamonds, big enough to make roof panels, for some high-tech applications.

    Yeah, it was hard to figure out how to do it. But, we did. Didn’t need no magic man, just science.

    Wonder if the ICR knows about this? But, not really, because the answer is obvious.

    • Interesting – how long until Diamonds are worthless?

      And how do you do it, come to think of it? High pressure, or is there some way of constructing them in situ?

      I wouldn’t know if the ICR knows about the present state of the research – if they do, though, they’re not telling.

    • Don’t worry, gem diamonds will continue to be valuable. DeBoers is panicking and is artificially running up the market price. Also, trying to sabotage the synthetic companies, perhaps they will succeed and kill off synthetic gems entirely.

      The first method they used to make diamonds was indeed pressure–take anything made out of carbon and pressure it up. They used to show off by making such diamonds out of peanut butter (true).

      But now a better method to take some carbon-containing gases and react them at somewhat high temperatures (no pressure). The diamond crystals grow slowly on whatever surfaces are present. Because they grow in this slow and controlled manner, the crystals grow larger and more perfect.

      If the ICR ever knew about crystallization technology, they’ve either buried it in their religion-soggy minds, or are figuring out how it was actually first revealed in Genensis.


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