More work

According to a new post on the Science Essentials blog, Dr Forlow will now be putting out six posts a week – two more than formerly.

Already, she does four: one on Monday, described as a “personal post around a particular creation science topic”; two on Wednesday, activity posts; and one on Friday, the ‘discussion starters’. That leaves Tuesday and Thursday free, but not any more:

  • On Tuesday we will see some articles about “Evidence for Creation – short posts with links to articles, books, and other resources.” That has the potential to be interesting, but I doubt it will consist of much more than plugs for books.
  • On Thursday will come “Ask Dr. Rhonda – a classroom or education focused question, asked by K-12 teachers.” This will be interesting, assuming she actually gets any questions. What will they ask? What will she answer? Where am I going to fit it into the usual IEE posts? We wont know until next week.

Surprisingly, the post has attracted two comments. One from a ‘Kippy Honda’ who says “sounds great! Thank you for this blog!” The evidence suggests that it’s not spam, though I suppose the existence of legitimate comments of such type are the reason for the creation of that bread of spam comments. The other comment is from ‘Roland Beard’, writing:

I like the plan…days of the weeks devoted to specific things. Any chance you can have this as a calendar view on the blog site so a person can see days/topics visually and hit a hot link on a date/topic title?


That could be useful. Hopefully it will include commenting numbers on the days as well.

So, yeah – back to catching up, before I’m swamped.



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