Competition – Day 3

Day 3 of the Twelve [Business] Days of Christmas

The question for day 3 was: How does your family show the Christmas spirit to others?

The commenting rate is dropping further. At the close of the day there were precisely forty comments on the post that weren’t from Dr Forlow herself (she contributed a further 26). Remember, day 1 had 300 and day two 99. There is hope yet. (I might add that among that forty were four identical comments from Christian Shorey, who was apparently experimenting with what combinations of name and url would get him blocked).

The comments are pretty standard and commendable, and there are no real standouts.

The winner for day three will receive a copy of Made in His Image: Examining the complexities of the human body by Randy J. Guliuzza. The third verse becomes:

On the first day of Christmas, Dr Forlow gave to me…

Made in His Image

Big Book of History

And Climbers and Creepers

You’ll note that, aside from the C&C DVD, the titles pretty easily fit the syllable pattern without major problems in that regard. This is probably coincidental, but you never know.

The previous winner was announced to be a twit (that is, person on twitter) called @raisinganarrow, who tweeted:

My biggest challenge is balancing all my tasks and getting school done!

Aside from the greek infiltration person I mentioned at the time, my own favourite was a comment from ‘Terry’ attacking postmodernism:

Postmodernism as taught in Publikc SCHOOLS . when the Teachers Textbook for math such as two thjat came out in 2000 I believe states 1. you must learn to accept multiple mathamatical world views 2. you must stress to yopur scolors that the answers to mathicale problems are arbutary, they are those expressed by a certin groupe of math scolors. we can see hoe dedicated to the premiss of no absuloutes is. so getting youth to understand there are absulotes is dificult especially when Young Pastors are alos jumping on that bandwagon

Should we also learn to accept multiple spelling world views? I’d agree with that, as I’m pretty bad at the subject, though not quite to the same extent…

In all seriousness, it’s a pretty odd bunch that’s come out of the woodwork here. Forlow is doing well not to give them any undue attention, but it’s possible that they (and Dr Shorey) may be all that is left by the end of this week. Let’s hope not, however.


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