Competition – Day 1

Day 1 of the Twelve [Business] Days of Christmas

Before we begin, I am perfectly aware that the whole Days of Christmas thing is referring to the days after the former pagan holiday, but I cite as precedent to my usage the fact that Forlow herself titled her first post of the series 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Day 1.

The question for this first day is: What’s your favorite Christmas song? Before we dive in, note the latest xkcd:

An 'American tradition' is anything that happened to a baby boomer twice. (original alt text)

Make of that what you will. It’s certainly perfect timing.

If the comments are anything to go by this revitalisation attempt may actually succeed – there are three hundred and forty two of them at time of writing. 35 of these are from ‘rforlow’, who most commonly posts to say “I’m sorry but I had to take the link out,” something which she seems to do erratically as there are plenty of links to lyrics in other comments (but then again I don’t know if the removed links were of the same kind). The most popular songs, from my reading, include: O Come, O Come Emmanuel, also spelt with an I; Mary, Did You Know?, which I don’t know; and Little Drummer Boy, which is in the above chart.

My personal favourite is Good king Wenceslas, which nobody has in fact posted as yet. I don’t really like the carol itself so much as it being sung by the character Eccles in the Goon Show episode The Great String Robberies – at 3:40 in this video. Spike Milligan singing in harmony with himself? Beautiful.

You crazy, mixed-up Eccleses, you. Christmas is gone!

Oh, which way’d it go?

It’s finished!

Finished? Oh, I better talk with my friends here. [Mumbles] Penny for the guy?

That’s not til next November!

Can we come in and wait then?

Due to the (surprisingly large) number of commenters I haven’t bothered to post myself, although curiously enough Dr Shorey has with a different e-mail to the one that has been blocked. His choice was “Il Le Nes Le Divine Enfant.”

If you are the winner for today you are set to gain a copy of the DVD Creation Proclaims Climbers and Creepers (Volume 1), which looks delightfully boring. Amusingly, Forlow promised that the prizes would be on her Resources page, but while volume 2 – Flight and Spike – is there this one isn’t.

Thus the first verse of the song is:

On the first day of Christmas, Dr Forlow gave to me…

Climbers and Creepers

It doesn’t have much of a ring to it yet, which may be irreparable as ‘creepers’ doesn’t rhyme. We’ll see…

I’ll cover day zero as part of the regular Ideological Education Essentials posts. The winner for that has already been announced (along with their prize, after the event) but I’ll put the winner for today’s one, as it is not announced right now, in tomorrow’s CCC post.

The question now is can she keep up the momentum? Even if she makes it to the 23rd, can she keep commenting rates up into January? Only time will tell.



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