Some More Distant Galaxies

It’s a reasonably common DpSU topic – Brian Thomas finds a report of some galaxy at the edge of the universe (in time, if not in space) that looks a little older than would be expected according to Big Bang related models, and concludes that we must ditch it altogether and that we should thus return to Fred Hoyle’s Steady State Cosmology Biblical Creationism. Today’s article is called Distant Galaxies Look Too Mature for Big Bang – a name I’m surprised he hasn’t used already.

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Mistakes Were Made, Part 2

Yesterday’s DpSU was also by Dao and is again about how, in the words of Dr Robbins, Mistakes in Science Apparently Means Creationism Is True. Her new article is called More Transparency Needed in Science Textbooks, Museums, and applies the “With this many errors…how can the field of science maintain any semblance of infallibility or impartiality?” argument we just saw to textbooks and museums.

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