The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – November

It's time for the ICR's Acts and Facts, for November 2011

The Institute for Creation Research has a number of magazines, the most famous of which is Acts and Facts, which is often featured on the ICR’s front page. Here’s a brief summary of this month’s edition.
At present, the November edition is on their Acts and Facts homepage. For future reference this edition can be found in pdf form here.

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There was no DpSU for Wednesday from the Institute for Creation Research. Instead, on there home page is a Days of Praise article called Giving Thanks for Christian Friends. From this I take it that they’re taking the time off to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday with all the hallmarks of a pagan Harvest Festival without actually being pagan. From what I remember they did something like this for July 4, Columbus day and Halloween as well, although in the latter case they were condemning the event and warning their followers not to take part.

As there is nothing recent in the queue this, then, is the perfect opportunity to go back and cover the DpSU I missed from last Tuesday, DNA Study Contradicts Human/Chimp Common Ancestry. That’s quite a claim – let’s see what he’s got.

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