The Great Flood Couldn’t Do That

Wednesday’s DpSU was Dam Detonation Illustrates Noah’s Flood.

The Condit Dam, before it was breached

The creationists are fond of pointing to the power of this or that flood, and then saying, to quote this DpSU, “Given the small-scale nature of this event, what effects might a much larger torrent have?”

But there is a problem with this analogy, especially with this particular flood. This flood was caused by a large volume of water being built up and released, and then flowing out to sea at a great sea. A “much larger torrent” of this kind can indeed cut through rock.

But the Great Flood wasn’t this kind of flood (as described). It was more of a monsoon type flood, but so much water came down the sea levels rose. Even if water was trapped and released this still couldn’t happen everywhere in the world at once. And also, the flood model currently in vogue requires the pre-deluge world to have been extremely flat, thus decreasing the chances of such a thing happening anywhere at all.

My point is that neither could a Global Flood do the kind of thing this dam release did, nor could it do the things that the Creationists claim.

Rant over.


One thought on “The Great Flood Couldn’t Do That

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