IEE: The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory

We present a new edition of Ideological Education Essentials! (Otherwise known as 'Science' Education Essentials)

It began with a post called God’s Power on Display, in which Dr Forlow asked her readers how they would show God’s power. She uses the example of her “favorite Olympic sport” – gymnastics.

I’m currently rewriting RationalWiki’s article on the Institute for Creation Research. I described their “Evidence from Nature” section (which I haven’t got to on this blog) like so:

This section of articles is hardly evidence for anything much – it is merely a laundry list of amazing things the ICR can’t be bothered to think of good explanations for.

While this isn’t just about nature, that’s still appropriate. Remember, as we go through this, that lightning was once attributed to the Gods. Doing so now is simply intellectual laziness, something which it seems the ICR is very good at.

The first K-5 activity seems rather irrelevant. What, pray tell, has the reclassification of Pluto got to do with anything? On the other hand, the question is the first piece of education I’ve seen on the blog. Ditto goes to the moon phases (from the northern hemisphere) activity.

The final task – “3. Use this experiment on melting ice to display the power of energy to young students. Be sure to check back here on Friday for Discussion  Starters to use with your students on why energy is a useful part of God’s creation.” – at least tries to link God into the picture. But, if I was going to do an experiment on the amazing power of melting ice, I’d do something other than the salt-on-roads thing. Just saying.

Now for 6-12, and photosynthesis:

A. The process of photosynthesis enables leaves to convert light energy to life energy. One way to help secondary students understand this process is through a photosynthesis experiment.

Well, at least Dr Forlow appears to have realised that her own experiment designs aren’t up to scratch, and is instead linking to external ones that might do it better.

B. Be sure to correlate the creation message after the experiment through the following questions:

  • Why is it important to understand how a plant grows?
  • What specific chemical reactions are found in photosynthesis?
  • Recent research suggests there was oxygen even in the oldest rocks on earth, dated at 3.7 billion years ago. Why would this research be a “death sentence” to an evolutionist’s theory of how life developed?

No – I don’t see how “there was oxygen even in the oldest rocks on earth” is a “death sentence” to anything much. I must have missed a DpSU somewhere. There’s oxygen in silicon dioxide, for example, but I don’t think that’s what she’s talking about…

2. God of Wonders is a great DVD to use during your classroom discussion on the power of God. You may use the 85-minute video as 1 or 2 whole lessons, or divide it up and use part of the video that pertains to your topic. You can download a PDF Study Guide to use with the video.

Yeah, yeah – blatant advertising here…

3. Introduction to Atomic Energy (Chemistry/Physics)

A. Display pictures of the following:

  • X-ray of human teeth
  • Navigation device
  • Atomic clock

B. Divide students into groups of 4 to research information on one of the 3 pictures. Their research findings will cover many areas and could include additional pictures to describe what they are researching. Their research should answer the following questions:

  • How is atomic energy used in medicine?
  • How can atomic energy be used in the future?
  • How is atomic energy used in everyday life?

Hmm… I had better get on to the RATE project before she does. But this is a lot more basic than what we do on the subject in physics class – why have pictures? What’s wrong with a real americium smoke alarm? To be charitable, this is a very “open” task – otherwise, I’d call it vague, and largely pointless.

With that over with, here are the Discussion Starters.

Take your class outside. What are 10 evidences of God’s power as displayed through nature?                      

For the older student: How are these 10 evidences broken down into the 4 main categories of science—physical, biological, chemical, and astronomical?

Are those “the” four main categories? Where’s psychology? This is clearly inspired by the “Evidences for Creation.”

If you had to convince your best friend that God is real, what examples could you use from nature?

Um? Remember the lightning….

For the older student: Suppose your family survived an earthquake. How could you use the devastation caused by the earthquake to convince your family that God is powerful, loving, and real?

And finally, this, this is what gets me. I live in a city overdue for an earthquake – I walk over one of the five major fault lines on my way to school every morning. And I have relatives in Christchurch, a city recently ravaged by a deadly quake. My uncle watched the spire fall, and now has a rational fear of multi-story buildings. Everyone’s lives have been disrupted – but they survived, at least. 181 people did not. Somehow, somehow, this is evidence of the power, love, and very existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent Being.

ChristChurch Cathedral

There are no words.


3 thoughts on “IEE: The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory

  1. This could be an apocryphal story, but I heard tell of a student who was relating to their teacher a story about a friend’s house that burned down. Miraculously, all that survived was the family Bible. The student said it was a clear sign God exists and works miracles in this day and age.

    The teacher asked the student if it wouldn’t have been more miraculous for God to have just burned the Bible and saved the house and all of the other family possessions. After all, there are lots of Bibles in the world and God can afford to lose a few. The teacher was fired.

    • While possibly apocryphal, it has the unfortunate aspect of being perfectly plausibility…
      This, however, is certainly real. It’s a rather strange way with dealing with tragedy – I kinda agree with
      PZ Myers here.

  2. “3. Introduction to Atomic Energy (Chemistry/Physics)

    A. Display pictures of the following:

    • X-ray of human teeth
    • Navigation device
    • Atomic clock”

    I just don’t grok this. What have the three pictures got to do with atomic energy? Navigation device – sextant, compass, GPS satellite? If you showed a child a picture of an atomic clock, would they have the slightest idea what it does or how it works? Does the Doctor know herself? I suppose if I dropped a hammer on my toe, that would be a demonstration of atomic energy.

    This series is going nowhere. It is just random ramblings.


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