Just what did dinosaurs eat?

This from the latest Daily (pseudo)Science Update at the ICR, Dinosaurs Ate Rice.

One way researchers are finding out is by studying coprolites, or fossilized dinosaur dung. And as it turns out, some dinosaurs ate rice plants. But if flowering plants like rice did not evolve until millions of years after dinosaurs lived—as evolution maintains—how could dinosaurs have eaten them?

The pollen bearing organs of the early "flower" Crossotheca Continue reading

IEE: The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory

We present a new edition of Ideological Education Essentials! (Otherwise known as 'Science' Education Essentials)

It began with a post called God’s Power on Display, in which Dr Forlow asked her readers how they would show God’s power. She uses the example of her “favorite Olympic sport” – gymnastics.

I’m currently rewriting RationalWiki’s article on the Institute for Creation Research. I described their “Evidence from Nature” section (which I haven’t got to on this blog) like so:

This section of articles is hardly evidence for anything much – it is merely a laundry list of amazing things the ICR can’t be bothered to think of good explanations for.

While this isn’t just about nature, that’s still appropriate. Remember, as we go through this, that lightning was once attributed to the Gods. Doing so now is simply intellectual laziness, something which it seems the ICR is very good at. Continue reading