Shirley Ujeste?

We present a new edition of Ideological Education Essentials! (Otherwise known as 'Science' Education Essentials)

Right on time, Rhonda Forlow has come out with a post on her new Science Education Essentials blog.

However, it’s nothing new: the post – What’s in a Number? – is just a repost of the video I  commented on in That’s a Video! Interestingly, like on the video, comments are open (though presumably moderated – I haven’t tried myself). They’re pretty funny, and the most so is the first one, a screenshot of which is below:

Shirley Ujeste

Shirley Ujeste? While I understand that there is no reason why that couldn’t be a real name, it still looks too much of a perfect pun for it that to be the case…

Forlow asks: “What specific creation science-related topics would you like to see covered on this blog?” Other than the above comments – like this one – implore her to provide evidence in favour of the creationist viewpoint, rather than just attack their opposition. The fact that this discussion is even able to take place is a positive sign for the blog.

Additionally, the fact that the video was able to be embedded in the blog post means that, well, they can now be embedded. I have updated the That’s a Video! post to include the embedded video. That means that you can now watch the video on the same page as my commentary on it! Just turn the quality down from HD – it’s not really worth the download size that much.

Because of the continued lack of original content, I am still unable to make my decision as to whether I should refer to it as SEE – for Science Education Essentials – or PEE – for Pseudoscience Education Essentials. We shall have to wait and see…

[ED: As you can see above, I decide to call them Ideological Education Essentials instead.]

Oh yes – I made a Twitter list of the output from the various members of the ICR. You can see the rss feed to that on the right if you scroll down a way. I’ve only found two of them – Ford and Forlow – along with @ICRMedia itself, so it may expand as time passes.

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