The Descent of Odonata

Odonata is the taxonomical order that is made up of Dragonflies and Damselflies. Complicating matters somewhat, all of Odonata is sometimes referred to as ‘Dragonflies,’ which is why I, at least, am going to differentiate in this post between Odonata, Damselflies, T. (for True) Dragonflies, and the ambiguous, plain Dragonflies, which includes (as you will see) organisms that aren’t classified as Odonata.

What am I talking about? The DpSU from the ICR for October 20 is called Did Dragonflies Really Predate Dinosaurs?, and is as bad as anything else we’ve seen from Mr Thomas all week. While it is possible that, during the recent lengthy drought of articles from him, I became a little less prepared for the… stupidity that B.T. puts out, I still say that this week has been particularly bad.

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