…Rhonda Forlow’s Science Education Essentials blog has been announced. It seems I need to actually read the (rather large) pdf of the Acts and Facts mag, rather than relying on the ICRs on-site summary page. You’ll find an article about the site on page 19 of that pdf.

In that article we are told to expect:

  • Regular postings by ICR Education Specialist Rhonda Forlow
  • Student activities uploaded each week
  • Creation-based science lesson plans for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12
  • Tips of the Week
  • Resources and further materials to help teachers present the creation message

Also, in a post on the blog site itself – in a post entitled Great News! [ED: Link Updated] – we are also told to look for…

…teaching resources related to the age of the earth, the uniqueness of humans, the origin of life, great men of science who were great men of God, and much more. Everything you’ll need to begin building creation-based lesson plans for your students.

This will apparently begin on the 24th of October, which by a staggering coincidence is the day that term 3 would start on in NZ if that didn’t happen to be Labour day. In other words, right when I loose the some of the free time I could use to cover them. You’ll note that the magazine provides screenshots of articles apparently already written – I wonder if they’re going to get posted at midnight in the morning of the day they’re for, like the DpSUs are (though we haven’t seen many of them lately for some reason).

Anyway, all in the name of accuracy in reporting…



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