An Apt Comparison

The latest DpSU on the ICR’s website is called Letting the Science Speak for Itself, and is by Christine Dao, who can always be counted on for a good laugh. She is, interestingly enough, agreeing with Steven Newton’s New Scientist opinion article, Geology will survive creationist undermining. That is to say, she agrees that banning Creationists from infiltrating geology meetings and presenting posters etc would be a Bad Idea.

Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis: North at bottom, Pillars of Hercules to the left

The comparison that I refer to is this paragraph from Dao’s article:

But while some in the [Geological Society of America] have frowned upon creation science presentations, other scientists don’t seem to mind publishing about Atlantis or speculating on the existence of the mythical kraken. And considering that some of the founders of, and great contributors to, modern science approached their work from the perspective that the earth was created and that mankind didn’t evolve from a common ancestor, why would conducting studies with a similar mindset today be deemed less scientific than research prompted by the writings of Plato or old sea monster stories?

Wow… Just wow. She compares ‘creation scientists’ to the…rather eccentric scientists who study Atlantis or who decide, on the basis of what seems to be entirely wishful thinking, that Mesozoic kraken played with their food. And she equates the biblical narrative with Plato’s probably entirely made up (and, in modern times, misrepresented) story about Atlantis, and with “old sea monster stories.” Wow.

In light of that paragraph I put it to you, dear reader: Is Ms Dao a Poe?

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