DpSU Predictions – September 20

Today’s DpSU – Design in DNA: Flexibility Is Just Right – is pretty boring. The flexibility of DNA is just right – too little and it would break, too much and it wont return to its shape (or something like that) – blah, blah, blah. If you really need me to explain exactly how this is all B.S. email me. Don’t worry – I wont tell anyone.

So – what else to do? Not wishing to repeat  the Star That Should Not Exist debacle with so many obvious creationist targets flying around this week, I intend to list all the recent science news that I think I’ll find myself writing about soon, along with anything else interesting and vaguely relevant. That’s right: I intend to predict the future!

An astrological clock in Venice. Remember kids: astrology is B.S. too, but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun with it.

Feathers in Amber

The Things that be in VirgoFrom the point of view of the earth the Sun is in Virgo at present (hell, what isn’t right now?). Now, what is Virgo known for? That’s right – attention to detail!

And would you believe it but someone’s been sorting through a mound of amber looking for tiny feather fossils. What they have found is truly amazing – including what appear to be ‘protofeathers’, early feathers from dinosaurs that were not quite birds yet. Here’s one pic, go here or here or here for more.

Bird feather in amber

These feathers, showing much of the evolutionary range of the feature, are too much of an evolutionary victory to be ignored by the creationists. There are a number of potential (and flawed) avenues of attack a DpSU on the subject may take, based on past articles:

  • (Some) pigmentation is preserved – after tens of millions of years, how is this possible?
    In my (as yet un-summarised) ‘soft tissue’ study list I covered a number of cases when melanosomes – organelles that provide pigment in the form of melanin – have survived even without amber, such as in number 19. In amber, such as in number 6, bacteria and other things have been found to survive a very long time. In short, while there is a trend of it being harder and harder to find things intact as you get older amber, the outside limit is both higher than we once thought and much higher than the creationists would have you believe.
  • All the feathers look like they were designed individually – there is no sign of evolutionary progression!
    Look through my recent archives for the answer to that one, which has popped up a lot lately, to see my response. Total B.S. which can be covered at the time if need be.
  • Shouldn’t the amber have oxidised by now, after all these millenia?
    I’d say that, due to it being under ground and all, there would have been less oxygen. If the Institute for Creation Research wants to look into this in more depth they may, but for now…

And so on. Extra points if the article references this Acts and Facts article, as is usual.

Inorganic Life

The things that be in AquariusFrom the perspective of Mercury, both a planet and a metal with odd properties, Earth – planet of life – is in Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with the Flood Myth of the ancient Greeks – as much evidence as you need that the two planets are linked in the world of creationism right now.

And so a researcher in Glasgow, Scotland, is attempting to, ah, intelligently design inorganic life from metals. He hasn’t got quite to the DNA-equivilent stage yet, but his research does show that interesting things are possible with chemicals beyond what are normally associated with life.

inorganic cell

I’m not entirely sure what angle a potential DpSU would take on this, but it should be interesting all the same.

Creationism to be Banned in the UK?

What be in Cancer at the momentMars, the god of war is in the sign of Cancer from the point of view of Earth. Cancer is associated with the lengthy struggle between Hera and Heracles.

In the same way, a group in the UK is attempting to ‘ban’ creationism. Well, not quite, but close enough for everyone to use that in their article titles. This should be interesting…

There must be a million other things that are likely to get DpSU’ed, but it is late, so I’ll leave it at that. Let’s see how many come out!

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