Updates, 6 September

On the little slideshow on the main page of the ICR’s website an advertisement for the “50th anniversary edition” of Henry Morris and John Whitcomb’s The Genesis Flood, the book that started off the modern Young Earth Creationist movement.

The ICR is apparently not the only group marking the occasion. In the latest Reports of the National Center for Science Education is an article by Phil Senter called The Defeat of Flood Geology by Flood Geology: The ironic demonstration that there is no trace of the Genesis Flood in the geologic record (PDF), which notes that

[More recent creationist] research has ultimately led to the falsification of most of the book’s geological interpretations.

It goes on to document how the creationists’ own research – which consists largely of documenting cracks in the ground, raindrop impressions, plants growing in situ etcetera that rule out certain parts of the geologic column as having been deposited underwater during the flood – has managed to remove from contention the entire column, apparently without anyone noticing.

Read and enjoy.

As I predicted on Wednesday, the arrival of this month’s Acts and Facts magazine has led to a lull in craziness from the ICR’s DpSU page. They did post an article on Friday, but there was nothing on Thursday and there was nothing yesterday either, so fingers crossed there will be nothing today either. If there is I’ll leave it to this Thursday or Friday, when it’ll all be over.

“It”, of course, is the (practise) exam week, which is the other reason why there has been nothing much from here for a short while. Bio and Math are over, as are both the Practicals (which are the ones that actually count, as it happens) but that just means that the hard ones are still to come. Ah, well – back to it then…

*Vanishes, spluttering through smoke clouds*

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