The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – September

The Institute for Creation Research has a number of magazines, the most famous of which is Acts and Facts, which is often featured on the ICR’s front page. Here’s a brief summary of this month’s edition.
At present, the September edition is on their Acts and Facts homepage. For future reference this edition can be found in pdf form here.

Evolution Ex Nihilo – Henry Morris (the dead one)


Evolutionists have frequently criticized creationism as unscientific because of its basic commitment to the doctrine of creation ex nihilo—that is, “creation out of nothing.” … Yet evolutionary cosmogonists maintain that the universe evolved itself out of nothing!

Evolutionary what now? Oh, cosmogony. When will they stop putting ‘evolutionary’ in front of every field they don’t like? Evolution has nothing to say on the origins of the universe – even less than it does on the origin of life itself.

Anyway, so what? I don’t think he gets got it.

The Necessity of Preaching Genesis – Lawrence Ford

As I said last month:

Introduction to all the articles from the editor. Never compromise on scriptural accuracy! *yawn*


[C]ertain books of the Bible tend to be neglected.

We have been told – in Titus 3:9 and 1 Timothy 1:4 (which also warns us off the “fables,” hint hint) – to avoid the Bibles genealogies. I’m interested to know whether Mr Ford thinks that these are “profitable.”

Human-Chimp Genetic Similarity: Do Shared ‘Mistakes’ Prove Common Ancestry? – Nathaniel T. Jeanson

They don’t – because they’re not mistakes! Genius!

Or rather – we can’t know for sure that they’re mistakes because they’re (mostly) in Junk DNA and we don’t know enough about them.

The trouble with this is that there are enough in actual other proteins for us not te be relying on junk DNA. And they generally agree with our other evidence, which would be unlikely if evolution had not occurred. And so what if junk DNA is functional?

Biblical Devastation in the Wake of a ‘Tranquil Flood’ – James J. S. Johnson

Not only must there have been a Flood, but it must have been violent. Accept no compromises!

Never mind that that would have torn the Ark to pieces…

Global Cooling Forecast – Larry Vardiman

Yes, the ICR are Climate Change Denialists. See No, a new study does not show cosmic-rays are connected to global warmingAre we headed for a new ice age? and Is global warming solar induced? from Phil Plait for an entry point into the sun-causing-climate-change thing.

Darwin’s Sacred Imposter: The Illusion That Natural Selection Operates on Organisms – Randy J. Guliuzza

If I was being charitable, I’d call this an interesting philosophical discussion. But it lacks hard evidence to support his position, and glosses over that that conflicts with it. Quote:

A population of organisms is observed only in environment A. Five years later, some organisms remain in environment A, some offspring and some original organisms are observed in new sub-environment B, and some have died. Ascribing functional power to a real versus imaginary source (i.e., organism vs. environment, or internal vs. external) leads to profoundly different explanations.

Adherents of organism-based programmed filling explain that organisms with innate, developed, or inherited traits suitable to environment B pioneered into it, while organisms with traits still fitting A stayed put, and it is yet uncertain why some died—a fact-restricted explanation. Information-based systems internal to organisms drive the process.

Promoters of environment-centered “selection” claim that any organism’s adaptive traits are owing to pressures from environment B that “selected for” its organisms from environment A, and both environments “selected against” the dead organisms—an explanation interwoven with imaginary external forces and selectors. This account permeates scientific literature.

Ah, Lamarck – how we have missed you all these years.

You “might” also notice a lot of “words and phrases” in quotes thoughout the “article,” presumably for “ironic” effect. They are “generally unsourced” and, frankly, “overused.”

The Rock Walls of Rockwall County – John D. Morris

The county of Rockwall is apparently famous for its natural “rock walls” that look almost like they are man-made brick-and-mortar type constructions. Legend had it that they were made by a pre-historic race of giants.

In the mid-1970s, several local historians contacted the Institute for Creation Research for a creationist’s opinion. They may have thought that if anyone would acknowledge prehistoric giants, creationists would.

That…That’s funny. 😀 I wonder if Dr Morris has heard of crank magnetism?

Anyway, Morris agreed with the geologists that had been there before him that it was natural, but claimed that it was the result of the Flood. According to him, the “uniformitarian” explanation requires a sand bed beneath the formations that got squeezed up to act as the “mortar,” but the beds would have hardened before that. I don’t exactly know enough about geology to pick this apart, unfortunately, but it is interesting to note that he provided no numbers for the amount of time that it would have taken tor harden and is only really talking about the smallest amount of time it would have taken “if the conditions are right.”

From Rocks…to Brains –  Frank Sherwin

In short: “Darwinism is a religion.” Another one for the Bingo page.

Sherwin attempts to sow doubt in every subject that he touches – remember, just because we don’t know something now doesn’t mean we never will. And creationists really do need to brush up on the literary techniques – they know ‘biblical allusion’ almost too well, but they really don’t get metaphors.

Yeast: Single Cells That Fit and Fill – Brian Thomas

An edited reprint of the DpSU I covered in One Man’s Evolution is Another Man’s Adaptation, it Seems back in July. Nothing new. It even has the same picture in the header.

User-Friendly Science Education – Rhonda Forlow

The ICR is going to launch a new blog for K-12 (and creationist) science resources! “Stay tuned!” (for some regular posts from me that aren’t DpSUs). I’ll have to think of a name for them…

This is technically my age range – I wonder how stupid they think people my age are? Let’s find out, shall we?

‘Tis the Fall Season – Henry Morris IV

“Donate! Please! Dodge your taxes by donating to us, even gift us your shares! Anything!” (paraphrased)

Preaching Genesis – Henry Morris III

We are immersed in a secular culture, bombarded with an ever-increasing vitriol and hatred. In bestselling books such as The God Delusion, God Is Not Great, Breaking the Spell, and The End of Faith, well-known atheists are advocating an all-out culture war to remove any vestige of Christianity from the public arena. Christians are blatantly branded as the enemy, a scourge to be eliminated.

For the most part I’d call that an exaggeration. Young Earth Creationism could be called a “scourge to be eliminated,” but even there I’d just call it funny.

The “emerging church” movement has “Christianized” the damnable error that absolute truth does not exist, and it is leading hoards of “seekers” into the mouth of hell.

I would dispute the claim that the bible requires you to believe in biblical literalism to go to heaven, though you can say that it makes no sense without it (and he does).

On a related note I recently found myself in a class debate over the existence of absolute, objective truth, allied (at least initially) with only the resident YECs. True story! The conclusion of the debate? Rocks exist, but pain is subjective.

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