Youth Ministry: Pagan Evilutionist Infiltration

That does seem to be the gist of Christine Dao‘s latest article at everybody’s favourite Creationist outfit, the Institute for Creation Research: New Film Says Youth Ministry Borrows from Evolution, Paganism [Dead link]. No, she’s not ripping the film to shreds – she really seems to agree with it. And no, I am not making this up. So what the hell is going on here? Continue reading

Interpret the Evidence (So It Matches Your Pre-Existing Beliefs)

What were the creationists thinking when they named a booth “Interpret the Evidence” at a county fair? Honestly… Brian Thomas, “Science Writer” for the Institute for Creation Research names his latest article on the “Daily (psuedo)Science Updates” page County Fair’s Creation Booth Smeared by Media. Said media are the Wisconsin State Journal, under a headline of their own called Creationist seeks to debunk scientific fact at Dane County Fair. They talked to both Mary Weigand – the person running the booth – and a biologist. Continue reading

Head-Desk Embryological Stupidity

As a High-School Biology student in New Zealand, I am not required to know anything about embryology. And so, for the most part, I don’t. In the circumstances it seems that I am far from the only one.

Brian Thomas’ latest article on the Institute for Creation Research’s Daily (pseudo)Science Updates page is called Evolutionary Paradox: Embryos Resist Tinkering. From my experience over the last few months, Mr Thomas has two main ‘arguments’ on the subject of embryology: The first is that DNA is somehow not enough to explain the processes involved – for example in The Theory of Supernatural Embryology?, More Fruit Fly Larvae and the earlier Amber and Embryos – and that all mutations in the instructions for embryo development are lethal or close to – such as in Genetic Stop Sign Halts Evolutionary Explanations. This latest post belongs with the latter. Snails are related this time, rather than being entirely Drosophila related as is more usual, hence the following picture:

Apple snail eggs Continue reading


The Laetoli SiteLaetoli, an archaeological site in Tanzania, contains (among other things) a number of hominid footprints, dated in the order of 3.5 to 3.7 million years old. There is a degree on controversy over what made the tracks. Some sources would have you believe that the hominid that made the tracks would have to have been quite “modern” in the way that they walked. Others would disagree.

In late July a paper came out that more-or-less seems to confirm that the tracks are indeed by animals with a more modern gait, but cannot answer the question of what species made it. Continue reading


The other day I wrote a post called Watch Who You’re Calling “Anti-Science”, in response to an ICR article that accused a chronicle of the evolution “controversy” exactly that. Today’s Daily (pseudo)Science Update declares to the world: Evolution Delays Discovery of Dolphin Sensory Ability. The irony is strong in this one…

Random dolphin pic from wikimedia Continue reading

Homo (sapiens?) neanderthalensis

Some weeks back it was announced – in the words of Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News, to take an example at random – that “All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm.” The “confirms” part referring to the ongoing discussion about whether or not humans and Neanderthals bred with each other. Before now it was merely “thought,” now it is “confirmed.”

Naturally, this being evolutionary related, the Institute for Creation Research wants to get it’s opinion on the matter out there. The YEC point of view on Neanderthals is that they didn’t just breed with humans, they were humans, same as any other. And so, Brian Thomas has written a piece entitled More Evidence Neandertals Were Human. There is some confusion over the spelling used – I use an ‘h’ for Neanderthals, agreeing with Firefox’s spellchecker, Brian Thomas obviously does not, giving Neandertal. Continue reading

Unnatural Gas

An illustration of typical polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Source: Wikipedia, who got it off NASA, who presumably made it themselvesToday’s amazing piece of investigative science reporting from the Institute for Creation Research (or, as I prefer to call them, their ‘Daily (pseudo)Science Updates’) is an attempt to convince the reader that natural gas doesn’t take millions of years to form. Let’s see if he can manage it… Continue reading

Quasars, Mitochondria and Archaeopteryx – What I Missed Because I Had Homework

There have been three Daily (pseudo)Science Updates from the Institute for Creation Research since I last had long enough to systematically make fun of them. First:


Wednesday’s DpSU was called Water Near Edge of Universe Bolsters Creation Cosmology. It has in fact been so long since then that two other wordpress blogs that I read – Exposing PseudoAstronomy and The Sensuous Curmudgeon – have already covered it. It reads like follows: Continue reading