Neural Nets, Part One

Today’s Daily (pseudo)Science Update from the Institute for Creation Research’s Brian Thomas is called IBM Attempts to Build Computer ‘Brain’, and waxes lyrical about how IBM – the folk who brought us the hard drive, the ATM, Deep Blue, Watson and appreciable portions of the Linux kernel, among much else – are taking as inspiration the human brain. Here’s his conclusion:

Some of the best and brightest engineering brains are involved in seeing this project to completion. If and when they succeed, they will also have succeeded in proving that the human brain they used as their model could only have been created through intelligently and purposefully directed power. Something that intricately designed could never have “just happened.”

This post has long been my go-to post whenever what Natural Selection can achieve is brought up in the context of what we as humans can design. Now is the time, I think, to expand on that.

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