The ICR’s Acts and ‘Facts’ – August

The Institute for Creation Research has a number of magazines, the most famous of which is Acts and Facts, which is often featured on the ICR’s front page. I covered two of the articles in the July edition here and here.

However, it is now August. Busy right now as I am with other things, I can’t go into much detail on any specific article. Instead, I’m going to give below a brief overview of each.

At present, the August edition is on their Acts and Facts homepage. For future reference this edition can be found in pdf form here.

Balaam’s Error and Today’s Evangelicals – Henry M. Morris III

Theology from the young earth creationist view point. Not the kinds of thing I’m interested in myself. Juicy quote:

…the foolish teachings of Harold Camping, the damnable writings of Rob Bell, the oily compromise of Peter Enns, and the open betrayal of Scripture by “evangelical” academics like Bruce Waltke and the fellows of BioLogos.

The ICR has a few enemies, doesn’t it?

The Donkey Strategy – Lawrence Ford

Introduction to all the articles from the editor. Never compromise on scriptural accuracy! *yawn*

Human-Chimp Genetic Similarity: Refuting the Appeal to Human Genetic Testing – Nathaniel T. Jeanson

Using the old and entirely Creationist manufaction of “operational science” vs “historical science” to argue against claims that a similarity between the genomes of humans and other animals, specifically chimps. Choice quote:

In a forensic investigation, the best form of evidence is eyewitness testimony, which, at times, takes the form of written historical record.

NO. In forensics, eyewitness testimony is arguably the worst kind of evidence. Cameras are not biased. Footprints aren’t biased. DNA is not biased. People are. Multiple lines of evidence beats ‘eyewitness testimony’ hands down. When will Creationists realise this?

The Failed Apologetic of the Wedge Strategy – James J. S. Johnson

Creationist infighting – the ICR attacks the Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Design movement.

More theology. Covered by the Sensuous Curmudgeon here.

Both Argon and Helium Diffusion Rates Indicate a Young Earth –  Larry Vardiman

Apparently, the ICR still hasn’t backed off from it’s RATE experiments, despite being shown to be seriously flawed. Maybe I’ll cover this later, maybe I wont…

Doubt Versus Unbelief – John D. Morris

You can question as much as you like, just so long as you never stop believing, even for a moment, their “non-negotiable doctrines.”

Fishy Evolutionary Explanations – Frank Sherwin

There’s Haeckel, and another one for the BINGO chart!


[Hernias] are the result of the Fall and the Curse—not a fishy ancestry.

Fit for Flight – Brian Thomas

Perhaps Mr Thomas has not considered that birds may have started simply by taking advantage of the extra lift while running that feathers gave them, and then got better at gliding? No, that would be inconvenient for his point. Never mind then.

Creation Expo VBS Reaches Thousands – Rhonda Forlow

A report on a children’s Creationism conference from ages ago. Speaking from personal experience, a lot of kids get dragged along to church functions unwillingly. this is how you lose the next generation, at least where I come from…

Can I Get a Witness? – Henry Morris IV

Apparently, the original Henry Morris was “Not a good man,” (he was a racist bastard, among other things) “…but a truly great and remarkable man.” Also:

  • “Evolution simply has never occurred. Ever.”
  • “[T]he Bible in its entirety is completely and perfectly true.”

You heard the man. The earth is flat.

True Learning – Henry Morris (the original)

Some random archived excerpt of the Dead Man’s writings are displayed here. No, I don’t know why.

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