The Impact of ICR

Still no DpSUs. Instead, the ICR’s main page has been running through their latest Acts and Facts magazine. The most recent article up there is called The Impact of ICR, and is a list of testimonials about how great the ICR is. The article is written by “Henry Morris IV”. The ICR is a family enterprise. this particular Morris is “Director of Donor Relations at the Institute for Creation Research

I, for one, do not like testimonials. It has been said a thousand times, usually in the context of medicine, that “the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data'”. Nevertheless, some of them are worth comment:

  • “As a biological scientist (Ph.D.), I had an overwhelming conflict with evolutionary ‘law’ as taught in our universities. ICR has resolved this conflict, praise God.”

An appeal to authority already! And it’s only the first one.

  • “I receive the Daily Science Updates via email and often pass them on to others. We appreciate ICR so much!”

Personally, I get then directly off the site. And I do appreciate the ICR – for the amusement value.

  • “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He owns science as well. I thank God for ICR, showing a skeptical world that His perfect Word is true.”

I demand to see the title deeds!

  • “Words cannot express how much Acts & Facts has meant to our spiritual growth.”

Don’t forget, “words cannot express” very small things as well. Which would be relevant if I was saying it.

  • “I was a hard-core skeptic until I heard ICR. One year later I was born again!”

You should never stop being skeptical. Always question, even if you have been persuaded.

  • “I was a trained evolutionist, and I went to hear Dr. Morris fall on his face. He didn’t—instead, I fell to my knees.”

You might want hearing aids, if Dr Morris is in person anything like his employees are in writing.

Read the full article for more.

Next up is an article by Brian Thomas! And it’s just like a DpSU!

One thought on “The Impact of ICR

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