So Who is this Brian Thomas Guy Anyway?

The ICR has missed two three deadlines (midnight Dallas time, weekdays – 5pm for me) for the publication of DpSUs – there is nothing new since Monday. So much for ‘Daily’…

What have I been doing during this time? Apart from, you know, school work and stuff.

  • I made a ‘blogroll’ – a list of links to other blogs that I read and you might be interested in too. It’s in a widget somewhere on the right at the bottom.
  • I’ve read a gazillion blog posts and webcomics (no change from usual)
  • I have been over at RationalWiki, reading the WIGO:CP page and talk page.
  • And I’ve been working on a RW page for Brian Thomas

Yes, Mr Thomas didn’t have a page. But that will soon be fixed. The page is already longer than that of his employers! However, it’s still not finished. Go there and help if you want.


There are a couple of things in there I thought I’d share.


I have a few theories about where the DpSUs come from (beyond ‘out of their asses’ that is):

As of July 2011, DpSUs appear to largely follow a simple pattern. Articles are published on Mondays through to Thursdays, but sometimes also Fridays. On other days, other things by other people may be published on the ICR News page, which seems to be otherwise very similar to the DpSU page. On some days, people other than Brain Thomas have their articles published on the DpSU page on weekdays. These people generally write about things that are not so closely related to the science itself (if Mr Thomas’ articles can be said to be ‘science related’). For example, the ICR’s article on the “Miss USA/Evolution” thing in 2011 was written by a Christine Dao.

As mentioned above, most of the articles in the DpSU feed are about stale news items, if they were ever ‘news’ at all. For example, the Miss USA article came out more than a week after the topic had hit the web, by which time parody videos and similar had long since appeared. However, the general trend of the more typical DpSU articles by Mr Thomas is to be apparently written a fortnight or more before they are published. The articles and studies used as ‘sources’ for the DpSUs are generally that old, and where they are given ‘accessed on’ labels, they generally correspond with the hypothesis.

Most of the articles tend to have a grain of truth in them somewhere. That is to say, the idea for them comes from a legitimate scientific paper or press release. However, the conclusions of the source are generally warped beyond recognition, to make them look as though they support the Young Earth Creationsit position held by Mr Thomas’ employer. Some scientific sources, however, are just used as an excuse to talk about a given topic. For example, the original paper that this article comes from really has very little to do with the DpSU Brian Thomas wrote around it[7].

DpSU’s are generally published to the web at midnight, Dallas time (as the ICR is based in Dallas).

A complete list of DpSUs can be found here, while those articles on the ICR website by Brian Thomas specifically can be found here.

I plan to expand on this in the future, after more evidence is collected.

Greatest Hits

This is a list of some of his better[8]articles. This list is, by its very nature, incomplete:

See the page itself for the references, and the full thing!

I plan to release the article into the mainspace shortly. And then I’ll return to the Flood series.


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