The Missouri Badlands

Bird's Point-New Madrid floodwayBack in April and May, the Mississippi river flooded massively. The plan laid out after the devastating floods of 1927 called for the utilisation of the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway in Missouri, flooding nearly 550 square kilometres of land. The waters have since subsided, creating an interesting badlands-like terrain. It also destroyed massive amounts of crop lands and hundreds of houses, but we’re all about the science here… 😀

Proponents of Flood Geology are always keen on erosion, especially of the spectacular kind. Brian Thomas, it seems, is no exception. His latest DpSU, Missouri Flood Carves ‘Badlands’ Landscape, basically tries to imply that the real badlands of the world could have been formed by a similar, but bigger flood, ie the Global one – which I have been writing a lot about lately, as it happens. Basically, what they’re trying to say is that, if a large flood of a river can produce this:

missouri destructionCould a bigger one make this?

Putangirua Pinnacles

There is a key difference. What you see eroded in the first picture is dirt, effectively, but in real badlands it’s rock. And the Missouri ‘badlands’ are not very deep either – the force of gravity can only pull the receding water away so fast. It is much more likely that the real ones would have been formed by small amounts over a long period of time. Take a look that the location of the pinnacles in the above picture. If a Global flood caused the creation of the worlds badlands, then they would be global – that is to say, everywhere. They’re not, however.

It must be admitted that the pictured pinnacles are very young. According to Wikipedia, they are thought to be less than 125,000 years old, with the main erosion starting 7000 years ago and intensifying 1000 years ago, due to deforestation. They are definitely not caused by any single flood, and provide good evidence of the ‘Uniformitarian‘ origins of the other badlands of the world.

Creationists seem to have a straw-man picture of geology, in which they have those dumb scientists postulate that there were no major catastrophes in earth’s history, and that everything has always been as it is now, or changes only very slowly. In actual fact, nobody is denying that disasters happen, or that they can have a major effect (eg the K-T stuff). It’s just that, as a general rule, it’s not that much of an effect, over the long term. And certainly, there was nothing like the flood…

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